Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Overcoming Plateaus: The Deadlift By: Louie Simmons

"Most litters deadlift too often and too heavy. This has an ill effect on the central nervous system. A better method is to use a variety of exercises that mimic the deadlift or special exercises that develop the individual muscles that are used while deadlifting (the conjugate method). One must build the muscles that start and finish the lift. Also, there must be methods used to develop speed and acceleration; the quicker the bar Is locked out, the less chance for the grip to give out. "

I am not whole-hog Westside by any means, but endorse the idea that you can use lighter pulls and heavy "other" exercises to increase your max pull.

Increasing the Deadlift for the Collision Sport Athlete

Great piece by Dan John.

You need to pull to pull heavy, but you don't need to pull heavy all the time to pull heavy.

A few years the past I had achieved 90% of my current deadlift max (done after some deadlift focus) by never doing deadlifts except for a couple "tests."